Town of Nutter Fort, WV

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About Our Town

The Town of Nutter Fort received its name from a family by the name of Nutter.  The Nutters were of Scotch-English descent.  Coming to America at an early date, Thomas Nutter first settled in Sussex County, Delaware, where his oldest son, Christopher was born.  They moved to Augusta County, Virginia where the family remained until 1769.  At that time, they moved to Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and in March, 1772, the Nutter brothers (Thomas, Matthew & Christopher) came to Harrison County where they built and defended the now famous Nutter's Fort.

The Town of Nutter Fort was incorporated in 1923 and our present population is approximately 1600 people.

The Town is fortunate to have several subdivisions of government that helps make the Town a superior place to reside.  These include:

  • Nutter Fort Police Department - provides 24-hour protection to residents
  • Nutter Fort Fire Department - provides 24-hour protection to residents
  • Nutter Fort Public Library -


The Town of Nutter Fort office hours are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  The Town Office can assist you with your water, sewer, trash & recycling needs, or any other requests that may come along.

We hope you will find our community as peaceful and loving as we do.  The Town has a theme that we try to keep all during the year........"Progress With a Small-Town Atmosphere".